Lost In Space


Lost in Space by Dylan Keefer is a short story of two women traveling through space. Nivea is an astronaut who has been alone with no contact from anyone on Earth for nearly a week, ever since her companion Jack died in his sleep. Meg is a space traveler from another planet who is trying to get home after escaping from the man she had been going to marry.

Feeling she may be losing her mind from lack of contact with anyone, Nivea is shocked to see a ship drawing closer to her and even more shocked when someone disembarks and bangs on the door to her ship. Tentatively, she dons her space suit and opens the door to find Meg standing there.

The friendship between Nivea and Meg comes across really nicely, although they have only just met they see each others vulnerabilities and are both quick to trust each other. One thing I loved about this book was the impact of the kindness shown by the characters. An act of kindness shown by Nivea, by Meg, and the people around them has a major effect on the way things play out. Lost in Space is short and sweet, and that is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much.

5/5 stars