I started reading The Sun Is Also A Star last night and one that really struck me was the cover. At first glance it’s a nice cover, but when you look closer is is incredible! A minute or two googling it revealed how they actually made it and it turns out it was created by hand, from scratch.



This video on youtube shows just how much work went into creating it

And of course, the finished product:



Me, myself and lots of books

The day I discovered what a library was was probably one of the best days of my life. A building filled with hundreds of books, and I could take as many as I liked home with me to read? Ok so apparently I could only take eight, and also I could only read ones in the area with the brightly coloured carpet. But still this was so many more books than my over crammed bookshelves at home would hold! So I got my very own library card and went in search of as many Sleepover Club and Glitter Girls books as I could carry home, and three days later when I had finished them all I begged my mum to take me back for more.

Weekly trips to the library were some of my favourite moments as a child, and nothing changed as I got older. At the age of fifteen, I moved to a completely new area and started a new school. I was terrified and very shy. As I had moved in Year 11 I was not able to fill my timetable properly, which resulted in me having at least one free period a day. I think my face must have lit up when I was told I would spend these in the library doing homework. I interpreted that as extra time to read and was thrilled about it. While I did make some friends at that school I never felt like I completely fitted in, and the little desk in the corner of the library became my happy sanctuary.

At seventeen I moved again, this time up North to live with my grandma, she lived in a bungalow in a small town and therefore my bedroom was tiny. To me this meant one thing, limited book space. So what was I do to? Stop buying books? I could just as easily have stopped breathing. No, instead I did something I had sworn I would never do, after having a go with my stepmum’s, I bought a Kindle. And I fell in love with it.

This was four years ago. Today my Kindle book count totals 435  books, many I have finished, many I have promised myself I would finish, and lots more that I keep saying I am going to read. But still I keep downloading them and believe me I have no intention of stopping. I also keep saying that I will upgrade my Kindle to a newer model, my Kindle Touch is so old that Amazon no longer sell them! However my faithful old Kindle keeps going no matter how many books I fill it with, and I have become far too attached to it. It has outlived three phones and two iPod touch’s and it doesn’t look like it has any intention of stopping.

Which brings us to this blog; So Many eBooks, So Little Time. I have reviewed a few books on Goodreads, my home from home, and while writing one today I found myself thinking that I would like to do a lot more of this and do it properly. All I can hope is that I will utilise this blog, and not stop halfway through like I did The Green Mile because I got distracted by something shiny and new.