Out Of Orange


Having read Orange Is The New Black and loved it, I was very excited to read Cleary Wolters’ side to the story. Having now read it I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. Parts of it I loved; her reactions to Piper Kerman’s book coming out and the subsequent Netflix series, her account of her first time smuggling drugs through an airport, and her time in prison, especially the incidents with the cat she adopted while there and of course, the information on chicken wing smuggling.
However there were other parts which felt dragged out, including the pages and pages about her cats and the time spent waiting for drugs to be delivered to them in far flung countries. Compared to these parts, the parts I was most interested to read about seemed very short.
I became most invested in her towards the end of the book, when she talked about her sister also doing time, her parents unwavering support for her, and her attempts to see her father when he became ill.
If you are on the fence about reading this book I would say give it a try, it gives a good amount of background to the drug smuggling ring she and Piper were part of and more information on how they met and their relationship. Just be prepared for more information than you ever thought you needed on someones cats!

3/5 stars