Give Up The Ghost


Cass McKenna prefers ghosts to living people. An outcast at school, she has befriended the ghosts who reside there, and they see everything that goes on there and pass that information on to Cass. No one quite knows how she does it, some think she is psychic, others think she uses witchcraft, most of them agree that she is just weird and Cass is happy that her secret is safe. Until one day she receives an anonymous note in her locker claiming that someone knows how she knows everything that goes on.

Tim  is mourning the loss of his mother, and in Cass’s opinion he is using that as an excuse to get the entire school wrapped around his finger. She is surprised therefore when the note turns out to be from him, and what he really wants is help contacting his mother’s ghost.

I felt that while the beginning of the book focused on Cass’s ability to talk to the dead, a lot of it revolved around the social politics of high school. At the beginning we are introduced to Paige, her sister who died four years ago and now spends most of her time in Cass’s bedroom, and Norris and Bitzy, who are spending their afterlife at Cass’s high school. We see a lot of how things work for ghosts and how Cass interacts with them.

Tim is an interesting character, he is quite prepared to ignore his friends judgements and spend time with Cass in order to talk to his mother. Cass was more complicated for me. Most of the time she seems a very likeable character, she takes Norris to the movies and comforts her sister, she also helps Tim to make contact with his mother, albeit reluctantly. However, as much as she claims not to like revealing the unpleasant truths her ghost friends witness to people, she still makes a point of doing it. She often uses them against people to get what she wants, whether this be other students or even her guidance counsellor.

Overall this was an enjoyable book, I liked Megan Crewe’s style of writing. Although I did not always like Cass’s choices I could see why she made them and by the end of the book she had grown a lot as a character. I am hoping we will see more of Cass and Tim, I feel there is more to be told!

4/5 stars

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