Switching Hour


I have a real weakness for books about witches and Switching Hour by Robyn Peterman sounded fantastic. Zelda has just been released from the ‘magic pokey’ after serving nine months for running over her familiar with her car, accidentally of course. Upon leaving she is informed that she only has limited powers for the time being and unless she completes the task set for her she will become mortal. So Zelda sets off in her new lime-green Kia with her resurrected cat Fabio and starts the eleven hour journey to her estranged aunt Hildy’s house which she inherited while in jail. However if Zelda was hoping for some time to relax she was very mistaken, within hours of her arrival injured animals begin appearing on her doorstep claiming that she has replaced her aunt as the ‘shifter whisperer’.

As she begins to meet and heal the animals, who turn out to be shifters, she meets Mac, wolf and also insanely hot guy who claims that Zelda is his mate. The chemistry between Zelda and Mac is incredible, but their relationship is also very sweet. Fabio is simply hilarious with his dodgy credit cards and bizarre cooking abilities and the other shifters are fantastic characters who you really start to root for. And then of course there is Zelda, she has a smart mouth and freely admits to being slightly crazy, although with very good fashion sense.

This book quite literally made me laugh out loud, although fairly short it was a very enjoyable read and I hope the rest of the series is just as good.

4/5 stars

One thought on “Switching Hour

  1. Quien lo ve, tan gruñon y mandando putasos durante los aprtidos tiene bastante carisma Aragonés!!! A i en lo eprsonal me cae bien el señor para la edad que tiene es super activo y de.oabiladpsY vencio al fantasma de Italia! jeje


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