Angel’s Kiss


Angel’s Kiss by Melanie Tomlin really hits the ground running. Angels, demons and all kinds of other monsters are real, hidden for years from the mortals they live alongside, and Helena has just been thrown right into the middle of them.

Starving and freezing Helena takes refuge in an abandoned house and waits for the angel of death to take her, what she actually meets however, is a vampire. Danizriel, otherwise known as Danny, is an angel on Earth who’s job is surveillance. When he arrives on scene he is shocked to find the vampire dead, and Helena still alive. Unsure how she survived or what she might be, Danny begins to explain the workings of the angels and demons and vows to keep her safe from them all.

I liked the twists Tomlin put on vampires, werewolves and the other creatures and Danny’s reasoning that mortals put a lot of conditions on monsters to help us sleep better at night. Most of what mortals believe about these monsters has no bearing on the real things. I did find Danny’s ‘blink and it’s there’ ability a little convenient, whenever Helena questions it he gives the explanation of “angel, remember?” This ability is useful nonetheless, especially for things like doing the washing and creating the odd garden for Helena to explore.

A lot of the book involves Helena exploring exactly what she is capable of, and she certainly is capable of a lot. She really grew as a character and a person throughout which book which was enjoyable to read. This is the first book in the series and it definitely leaves you wanting more!

4/5 stars

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